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Nationwide Refinances
  • Faster turn around - Our average turn around time is 3 – 5 days in most states across the US. This is due to our strong relationships with underwriters, abstractors and other venders involved in closing your deals.
  • Communication – We feel that communication is key to a successful business relationship. Each client is assigned to one Account Manager and one processing team; we feel it is important for our processors to develop a close business relationship with your processing team to effectively tackle any issues that may occur.
  • Extended Hours of Operation - Our office is staffed from 8:30 am until 9:30 pm EST Monday thru Friday. We feel it is important to have continuous monitoring on your transaction late into the evening since most closing take place after regular business hours.
  • Improved Efficiency - It doesn’t make sense for mortgage processors to track multiple title companies for multiple states. That is why you can trust Advantage Title to handle all of your local and out of state deals. **
  • Experienced Purchase Team - From the moment you order title for a purchase your contract will stay with one processor from start to finish. There will never be any question about who you should call regarding a specific issue; it will always be the same team. **
  • Only highly experienced, licensed closers are assigned to close purchases for us, you can remain confident in our service all the way to the table.**
  • Direct deposit available for agents - With the cooperation of the agent’s brokerage we have the ability to wire commission directly into the Real Estate Agent’s account.
  • Strong Legal Support - With a combination of our experience, attorneys and our underwriters we are capable of closing multi-million dollar commercial development projects. We have facilitated hotels, multi-family rentals, golf course communities and shopping center projects, just to name a few. **
  • Communication - We understand the importance of staying in touch with your attorneys, developers and clients throughout a commercial transaction.
  • We do not charge fees to set up an escrow account when in accordance with a real estate transaction.
  • Advantage Title is a fully licensed escrow company, which allows us to do both title services and escrow within the same company. **
1031 Exchange
  • We provide title services for several 1031 Exchange transactions monthly.
  • We work with one of the best and most reputable qualified intermediaries in the country. This company is owned by Fidelity National Title Insurance which is also one of our underwriters.
Bi-lingual Closing Services
  • With advanced notice, in most states, we are able to contract a Spanish speaking closer to handle your settlement. **
  • We also have Spanish speaking processors in the office to answer questions along the way.
** We are licensed in many states. View our National Coverage Map for state specific requirements and restrictions.

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