Best Practices

Advantage Title Company is an agent for First American Title Insurance Company, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and AmTrust Title. We strictly adhere to ALTA’s recommended best practices and respond real time to our industry’s evolving regulatory environment; both nationally and locally.

Our fast-paced market requires a contemporary approach to maintaining a compliant atmosphere. Our proprietary tracking mechanisms proactively ensure our good standing status. In today’s TRID environment where the lender embraces greater vendor accountability, these tracking mechanisms yield a higher level of security to all parties involved.

The American Land Title Association recommends seven pillars of Best Practices. Advantage Title has adopted, implemented and continuously maintains these pillars. Summarized in our own terms:

  1. Constant monitoring of local and national licensing.
  2. Escrow account controls are observed daily with persistent attention to our fiduciary duties.
  3. Information and data privacy is taken seriously. Internal procedures are frequently disseminated to maintain awareness.
  4. Settlement policies and procedures are followed which exceed industry standards.
  5. Defined title production guidelines to maintain efficiencies.
  6. Comprehensive insurance policies and bonds are maintained; securing both the company, our clients and the consumers we serve.
  7. When applicable, consumer complaints are logged into individual files. Logs are reviewed frequently to maintain superior service, vendor quality control and accountability.

The Advantage Title team understands the importance of quality service and we take great pride in safeguarding your consumer’s personal information. Both the Financial and Real Estate Industries are faced with increasingly complex cyber-security threats. Advantage Title recognizes these threats by not only how it could affect us but also how it could affect our clients and its consumers. We take these threats very seriously to avoid personal information being compromised as it transfers between our organizations.

Our Best Practices are observed by the entire team. We value its importance on a daily basis and understand the consequences from any deviation to our high standards of service. We are consistently aware of our obligations to the Title Insurance, Financial and Real Estate Industries.

Advantage Title Company is an agent for First American Title Insurance Company and Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.

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