Tax Increase
In an effort to raise funds for Capital Projects and Housing Initiatives, council members in Anne Arundel and Montgomery counties each passed budgets for the upcoming year that includes increases in Transfer and Recordation Taxes. This may start affecting your closings as early and July 1 in Anne Arundel County. Upon the transfer or sale of properties valued at $1 million or more, the previous 1% transfer tax will become 1.5%.  Council members passed this
No matter how amazing you are at your job, sometimes the most difficult part is finding new business. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a lender, you’re going to have plenty of competition out there. Buyers and sellers have options, and it’s an uphill battle to get their attention. That’s why the secret to success is maximizing your repeat clients and referrals. If you can take your existing clients and increase their impact exponentially
The concept of ground rent in Baltimore and surrounding counties may be traced back to colonial times when investors bought tracts of land from the newly sovereign colonial governments and allowed tenants who otherwise could not purchase land for themselves to make small, incremental rent payments as a less-expensive alternative to land ownership. This practice may be out of date in today’s market yet most leases renew in perpetuity. Some ground rent holders are registered
Almost no closing is impossible with Advantage Title, and that’s because of our awesome team members like Becky Ohlinger. Whether it’s settling on a property here in Maryland or maybe coordinating a closing in Argentina or the Dominican Republic, Becky will find a way to get it done. We already know how hard she works for our clients, so let’s take a few moments to get to know her a little better outside the office.
Most of us think of a “Tenant” as a person who rents from a landlord and has permission to use the property. So let’s think of “Tenancy” as owning and using the property. If it’s just you, then tenancy can be listed as simply as Sole Ownership. If it’s more than one person, a title company will ask how you want to take title? You will be given the options of Tenants In Common, Joint
What if I told you there was a major problem with the property you are about to buy? To identify the problem, YOU would need to read and visualize meets & bounds descriptions that read something like this: “From the Northwest 1/4 of Section 21, run South 00 37’51” West along the West line of said Northwest 1/4 at a distance of 50.00 feet to the Point of Beginning on the Southwest right-of-way of Country
Solar panels have been showing up on the roofs and in the yards of more and more homes in recent years. So naturally, more homes with solar panels are hitting the market. But this raises several questions — practical and financial — that must be addressed whether clients are interested in buying or selling a home with existing solar panels. First, let’s start with some general awareness. Solar panel salespeople and installers will insist that