Have you ever sold a home where the owner of the record is in a trust? What does that mean? How is that different? What does the title do differently, and how do you know when a property is in a trust? A trust refers to the fiduciary relationship created to appoint one party to manage assets on behalf of a third party. This relationship is established between the creator of the trust (the grantor)
What do you do when your next listing is in an estate? And what does that mean for the title? While selling a property held in an estate is slightly different from your traditional sale, it doesn’t have to be difficult! The best way to sell this kind of property is to be prepared. When an owner of a home passes away, typically, that home goes into the individual’s estate. The first thing we do
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Happy One-Year Anniversary! Now that you’ve lived in your house for a year, you should qualify for Maryland’s Homestead Tax Credit. This credit limits any annual tax increase to no more than 10% a year for a principal residence. As values rise, so will your taxable assessment. So lock in your base value now before you overpay on your future tax bills. To register, you must: 1) Live in the Property for a Year as
You have auto insurance in case of an accident. You have medical insurance for when you’re sick. You probably even have insurance on your cellphone because what would you ever do without it? But you’d be surprised how many people ask us, “Do I really need an owner’s title insurance policy?” Yes. Yes, you do. Here’s the thing. When you purchase a home, there endless legal and municipal issues that can be tied to your