7 Essential Courses To Help You Crush It In The Real Estate Game

Smoother settlements mean happy clients, repeat clients and a steady stream of referrals heading your way.

That’s just good business.

But making sure those settlements go smoothly is easier said than done. One misstep, one stone unturned can blow up a deal. So Advantage Title’s Certified Know-It-All program will give you all the knowledge you need to get your clients to the finish line right on time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Learn more and sign up for our weekly and bi-annual courses
  2. Complete all 7 classes — in any order — growing your business smarts with each one
  3. Graduate as a Certified Know-It-All and start closing more, bigger and better deals

For information on upcoming classes, contact Business Development Manager Jessica Scott at jscott@advantitle.com or (443) 487-1584.


Course 1
Title Talk & Tech Check
One-on-One (Typically Held Weekly)

We’ll work directly with you to take a look behind the scenes at what happens from contract to closing. We’ll show you how agents can help navigate their buyers or sellers through a smooth settlement. We also cover all the title tech available to agents, including our Quote App, electronic EMD delivery system, Virtual Closings and E-recordings.

Course 2
Win Listings with Land Records
Group Class

Agents who do their homework win listings and buyer consultations. PERIOD. In Maryland, Advantage Title offers our agents preliminary title reports that proactively identify potential roadblocks and deal killers. We’ll show you where these problems hide, when we use the land records to find them and how to identify solutions to help win the listing.

Course 3
Maryland Real Estate-Related Taxes
Group Class

In this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes and top-tier service from Advantage Title. Understanding all the potential real estate-related taxes a buyer or seller would encounter could take a lifetime. We will cover the fundamentals on everything from Estate Taxes and Homestead Applications to Withholding Exemptions.

Course 4
Understanding Title Insurance
Group Class

From the birth of the legal description to the death of a Lender’s Policy, we will cover the history of title insurance and how it is used today to protect a homeowner’s asset.

Course 5
Survey Says
Group Class

Easements, encroachments and setbacks … Oh my!

Most lenders no longer require a survey so many homebuyers elect not to verify the property lines before they purchase. We think this is a recipe for disaster and a non-covered title insurance claim. Let’s set some boundaries against risk and discuss how to keep a buyer’s investment safe.

Course 6
Working with Entities
Group Class

At some point in every agent’s career, they will encounter an estate, LLC or trust. These are not your typical buyers and sellers. Changes to the contract, additional paperwork and more jumping through hoops are necessary to ensure a smooth settlement. We’ll show you how each one works, so you can navigate every sale with confidence.

Course 7
You ALTA Know About Settlements
Group Class

Settlement day is arguably the most important time to ensure your client is satisfied and will send you future referrals. We’ll help you prepare your client, know their numbers and avoid falling victim to wire fraud and common closing pitfalls.

Every settlement day should be a day to celebrate!

And when you finish all 7 courses, you’ll be ready to celebrate, too. You’ll be an Advantage Title Certified Know-It-All with a diploma to prove it and the knowledge and skills to head out into the world and be a top-performing agent.

Have questions about a class or our Certified Know-It-All program? Drop us a line. We’ll take care of you!