A Single (Free!) App for a Smoother Settlement

Download the ZOCCAM App to Make Sending the EMD Easy

Say goodbye to the days of hand-delivering the earnest money deposit. 

ZOCCAM is a fast, secure, user-friendly app that agents or buyers can download to electronically send EMD checks. From there, we’ll ensure all parties are on the same page, working toward a stress-free, on-schedule settlement!

It is the fastest and easiest way to deliver EMDs — and it’s free! 

With a simple photo, this user-friendly interface will send EMD checks just like a typical banking app.

  1. Download Zoccam for iPhone or Android
  2. Register Account
  3. Click “Capture”
  4. Click “EMD”
  5. Search and Select “Advantage Title Company
  6. For identification purposes, please enter the Address, Name & Deposit Amount (N/A is sufficient for any unknown information)
  7. Take a Photo of your EMD check
  8. Send it!!

It really is that easy. If you have a question or run into a snag, call Jess Scott at jscott@advantitle.com or (443) 487-1584.

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