What if I told you there was a major problem with the property you are about to buy? To identify the problem, YOU would need to read and visualize meets & bounds descriptions that read something like this: “From the Northwest 1/4 of Section 21, run South 00 37’51” West along the West line of said Northwest 1/4 at a distance of 50.00 feet to the Point of Beginning on the Southwest right-of-way of Country
Solar panels have been showing up on the roofs and in the yards of more and more homes in recent years. So naturally, more homes with solar panels are hitting the market. But this raises several questions — practical and financial — that must be addressed whether clients are interested in buying or selling a home with existing solar panels. First, let’s start with some general awareness. Solar panel salespeople and installers will insist that
Senior processor Linda Stearns has spent 13 years with Advantage Title. So we know that she’s at her best when she’s facing a challenge. She loves to dive deep, investigate and solve problems. If you’ve worked with Linda, you know how dedicated she is to her job. But in our Team Member Spotlight Q&A, you’ll learn a lot more about her — we did. That’s why we’ll be cranking up “Feels So Good” by Sonique
If you want to close the sale, you must have a clean title. It’s not as easy as it might seem. A clean title means there are no standing claims against the property and that the owner has the full legal right to sell the property. Our job as your title company is to do the digging to ensure that the title is clean and ready for a smooth transfer of ownership. But often, it’s
The Maryland “Non-Resident” Real Estate Withholding Tax is 8% for Individuals (8.25% for LLCs, Estates, and Entities) on the PROCEEDS or GAINS from the sale of a property. A Full Exemption is possible if a seller can certify any of the special situations listed below. Principal Residence Principal Residence — Active-Duty Military, Certain Government Employees Tax-Free Exchange for purposes of 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code Transferor/Seller is receiving zero proceeds from this transaction because
If you are selling commercial property, it is likely that you have sold properties held in a corporation. Advantage Title has a strong commercial side and is capable of handling your commercial deals as well. However, it is still possible to have a residential property be held in a corporation. So what do we need to know when the owner of the record is a corporation? Let us help. The first thing we will need
What do you do when you have a listing coming to the market but the owner is in an LLC? Does anything change? How does the sale work? We can help. When a property is in an LLC, it means that the business is holding the title to the property. While the sale isn’t too different from a traditional owner sale, there are quite a few documents we will request in the transaction. So it